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ServoRecording.com "Servo Controller & Analyzer"

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Front of ServoRecording Model SR41

Back of SR41 connects to servos or steppers and power


  • Simple: Easy to use and setup, just connect power and a servo or stepper motor
  • Open Source access to all mechanical and electrical files
  • Records, Analyzes and Controls Servos or Steppers
  • Advanced: Programmable limits for maximum velocity and acceleration
  • Monitor Current and Amp-Second consumption for efficiency comparisons
  • Powerful: Powered from computer power supply or RC vehicle batteries
  • Quiet: Completely solid state, no relays or other mechanical parts to wear out
  • External TTL pull down trigger to start


  • Cables
  • Steppers 5-16V
  • Servos 4.5-6V
  • Power Supplies: Wall Transformer or PC power supply


  • Automation
  • Testing
  • Development
  • Toys