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Controller Connections


The back is for making connections to servos, stepper motors and power.

Models SR1x and SR2x come with a 5.5x2.5mm barrel connector. The voltage needs to be 5V with positive tip.

Models SR4x SR6x and SR6x come with an ATI PC power supply connector. The steppers are powered by the yellow 12V wire and can run from 5-16Vdc. The servos are powered directly from 5V.

Both Unipolar and Bipolar Steppers can be driven from 5-16V.

Display Modes of controller

Recording Menu:

This menu displays the servo positions or stepper changes and records steps, if no steps are recorded when entering this menu then the previously recorded steps remain loaded and unchanged

Step Rate Menu:

This menu displays the desired time between steps. Pressing the left switch increases the value.

Values are changeable in increments of 20ms, with a maximum of 2seconds per step and a minimum of 20ms per step.

Max Servo Speed Menu:

This menu displays the maximum servo speed. Pressing the left switch increases the value. Values are changeable from 1 to 10. Units are approximately 90degrees/second for a standard servo.

Repeat Menu:

This menu displays the number of times to repeat the recorded sequence of steps. Pressing the left switch increases the value. Accepted values are 1 to 1000 and infinite.

Playback Menu:

This menu displays the progress of a running servo or stepper. Pressing the left switch exits this menu and pressing the right switch starts, pauses and continues the progress.

Visible data is the step number, the repeat count number and the voltage and current fed to the servo.

The current is actually in units of 40mA per unit not 1 Amp per unit, 11A is 440mA. The voltage is in units of 10mV per unit, 502V is 5.020V not five hundred and one volts.

Technical Specifications





Controller Voltage4.55.05.5Volts (V)
Stepper Voltage4.51216Volts (V)
Current Required / Servo channel0.212Amps(A)
Channels4, 6 or 8Channels
Servo Pulse Width0.72.3milliseconds (ms)
Servo Pulse Period20milliseconds (ms)
Servo Pulse Resolution0.01milliseconds (ms)
Example setting up and recording servos
Servo and Stepper Recorder controlling circular glue dispenser (sorry low resolution)
Servo recorder controlling robotic arm
Example testing servo efficiency and finding the best made servo Call us, not yet available on line

Helpful Files

Files to make or repair your own controller Face Plate *.dxf file
Back Plate *.dxf file
Sides *.stl file
Schematic *.pdf
Firmware *.hex